On the Ground

Real people, real places, real experiences. Travel is an essential part of the Task Force’s efforts, allowing us to bring back fresh, on-the-ground perspectives to inform our work.

Trips are led by CSIS experts with the participation of Task Force members and will visit key countries where we can see first-hand the results of U.S. investments in the sectors that drive progress in women’s and family health.  We will examine the role of the United States and its partners and evaluate the impact of these efforts.  We will look for programs that are working and ask what lessons can be learned.  We will assess where progress has stalled and ask why.  We will investigate how often-separated initiatives can be integrated for greater impact. We will analyze how progress can best be sustained.

Through meetings and site visits, we will see and speak to government representatives, civil society and implementing partners, health care providers, and – most importantly – the women and children who are directly impacted by these programs.  The feedback, stories, and images we bring back will illustrate the importance of U.S. global health investments and inform our policy recommendations.