Helene Gayle
Helene GayleMcKinsey Social Initiative

Helene Gayle is CEO of McKinsey Social Initiative, a nonprofit organization that implements programs that bring together varied stakeholders to address complex global social challenges. Previously, she was president and CEO of CARE USA, a leading international humanitarian organization.

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John Hammergren
John HammergrenMcKesson Corporation

John H. Hammergren is chairman, president and chief executive officer of McKesson Corporation. He was elected president and CEO in 2001 and chairman in 2002. Under Mr. Hammergren’s leadership, McKesson has become the leading provider of healthcare services and information technology…

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Lisa Carty
Lisa CartyUS Liaison Office, UNAIDS

Lisa Carty has worked for more than three decades in the fields of global public health, humanitarian relief and international women’s issues.  She has had leadership roles in both the public and non-profit sectors including 25 years with the U.S. Department of State with overseas assignments in Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

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U.S. Senator Susan Collins
U.S. Senator Susan CollinsR-ME

First elected in 1996, Senator Collins is serving her fourth term in the United States Senate and has earned a national reputation as a consensus-builder on the nation’s most important issues.  As a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Collins is a leading voice for improving the lives of women…

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Steve Davis
Steve DavisPresident and CEO, PATH

Steve Davis, President and CEO of PATH, combines extensive experience as a technology business leader, global health advocate, and social innovator to accelerate great ideas and bring lifesaving solutions to scale. Davis’ commitment to human rights and development grew from early work on refugee programs and policies…

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U.S. Congressman Dan Donovan
U.S. Congressman Dan DonovanR-NY-11

Congressman Daniel “Dan” M. Donovan, Jr. represents Staten Island and parts of South Brooklyn in the 11th Congressional District of New York in the U.S. House of Representatives. Dan serves as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Communications. In that role …

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Chris Elias
Chris EliasBill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Chris Elias is the president of the Global Development Program at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he leads the foundation’s efforts in a diverse range of program areas aimed at finding creative new ways to ensure solutions and products get into the hands of people in poor countries who need them most.

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Ezekiel Emanuel
Ezekiel EmanuelDepartment of Medical Ethics and Health Policy, University of Pennsylvania

Ezekiel J. Emanuel is the Vice Provost for Global Initiatives, the Diane v.S. Levy and Robert M. Levy University Professor, and Chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania. He was the founding chair of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health until August of 2011.

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Patrick Fine
Patrick FineFHI 360

Patrick Fine, Chief Executive Officer of FHI 360, brings 35 years of international development experience along with a deep conviction in the power of people to work together to solve complex human development challenges. Before joining FHI 360, Patrick served as the Vice President for Compact Operations at the MCC…

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Julie Gerberding
Julie GerberdingGlobal Public Policy and Population Health, Merck

Dr. Julie Gerberding is Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy, and Population Health at Merck & Co., Inc, where she also has responsibility for the Merck for Mothers program and the Merck Foundation. Julie joined Merck in 2010 as President of Merck Vaccines. She previously served as Director of the CDC …

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Michael Gerson
Michael GersonONE Campaign

Michael Gerson is a nationally syndicated columnist who appears twice weekly in the Washington Post and in nearly 100 other newspapers. He is the author of Heroic Conservatism (HarperOne, 2007) and coauthor of City of Man: Religion and Politics in a New Era (Moody, 2010). He appears regularly on the PBS NewsHour…

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Former U.S. Representative Richard Hanna
Former U.S. Representative Richard Hanna

Congressman Richard Hanna was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010. He is a successful businessman who has maintained a lifelong interest in public policy and economics. Congressman Hanna has also donated his time, leadership and personal resources to numerous causes to compassionately address needs …

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Vanessa Kerry
Vanessa KerrySeed Global Health

Vanessa Kerry, MD, MSc, is the founder and CEO of Seed Global Health, a non-profit that strives to strengthen health delivery in places facing dire shortages of health professionals by working with partner countries to meet their long-term health care human resource needs. Their flagship program partners with the Peace Corps…

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Former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk
Former U.S. Senator Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk served in the U.S. Senate from 2010-2017. Previously, he served five terms representing Illinois 10th District in the House of Representatives. Kirk served as an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve from 1989-2013, has worked at the World Bank and State Department, and served as counsel to the House IR Committee

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Asma Lateef
Asma LateefBread for the World Institute

Asma Lateef has been director of the Bread for the World Institute since 2007.  Ms. Lateef is responsible for implementing the Institute’s analysis and education on policy issues related to U.S. and global hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Since 2010, she has been involved in efforts to establish and support the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement…

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U.S. Representative Barbara Lee
U.S. Representative Barbara Lee D-CA-13

Congresswoman Barbara Lee represents California’s 13th District; she serves on the Appropriations and Budget Committees including the Appropriations’ subcommittee of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs. Lee chairs the Whip’s Task Force on Poverty, Income Inequality and Opportunity…

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Kathleen McLaughlin
Kathleen McLaughlinWalmart Foundation

Kathleen McLaughlin is the Chief Sustainability Officer for Walmart, and the President of the Walmart Foundation.  Walmart uses its strengths to create economic opportunity for individuals and foster inclusive economic development; enhance the sustainability of food, apparel, and general merchandise supply chains…

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Afaf Meleis
Afaf Meleis University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

Afaf Meleis, PhD, DrPS(hon), FAAN, has demonstrated a profound passion for pushing the boundaries of nursing science, cultivating the next generation of healthcare leaders, and improving women’s health. During her tenure as the fifth Dean of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (2002-2014), she fostered a community…

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J. Stephen Morrison
J. Stephen MorrisonCSIS Global Health Policy Center

J. Stephen Morrison is senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and director of its Global Health Policy Center. Dr. Morrison writes widely, has directed several high-level commissions, and is a frequent commentator on U.S. foreign policy, global health, Africa, and foreign assistance. He served in the Clinton administration…

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U.S. Representative Mike Quigley
U.S. Representative Mike Quigley D-IL-5

Mike Quigley was elected to Congress to represent Illinois’ 5th District on April 7, 2009. Formerly, he served as the Cook County Commissioner and began his career as an aide to former 44th Ward Alderman Bernie Hansen. Mike is the co-founder and co-chair of the bipartisan Congressional Transparency Caucus. He is the only Illinois member of the House Committee on Appropriations…

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Diane Rowland
Diane RowlandKaiser Family Foundation

Diane Rowland is Executive Vice President of the Kaiser Family Foundation and Executive Director of the Foundation’s Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured. She is a nationally recognized health policy expert with a distinguished career in public policy and research focusing on health insurance coverage, access to care…

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U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen
U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen D-NH

Jeanne Shaheen was first elected to the United States Senate in 2009 and is currently serving her second term as the senior Senator from New Hampshire.  She is a member of the Senate Committees on Appropriations, Foreign Relations and Armed Services, and serves as Ranking Member on the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee.

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Debora Spar
Debora SparBarnard College

Debora L. Spar is the seventh and current president of Barnard College. In her eight years as president, Spar has been a vocal proponent of women’s education and leadership, both at the College and across the globe. Prior to joining Barnard in July 2008, Spar spent 17 years on the faculty of Harvard Business School.

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Jeffrey Sturchio
Jeffrey SturchioRabin Martin

Jeffrey L. Sturchio is President and CEO at Rabin Martin, a global health strategy consulting firm, and former President and CEO of the Global Health Council. Before joining the Council in ’09, Dr. Sturchio was vice president of Corporate Responsibility at Merck & Co. Inc., president of The Merck Company Foundation and chairman …

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Phil Thomson
Phil ThomsonCommunications and Government Affairs, GSK

Phil Thomson was appointed Senior Vice President, Communications and Government Affairs in 2014. He is a member of the Corporate Executive Team. He has responsibility for Media Relations, Investor Relations, Corporate Responsibility, Internal Communications, Product Communications, Government Affairs…

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Christy Turlington Burns
Christy Turlington BurnsEvery Mother Counts

Christy Turlington Burns is the founder of Every Mother Counts, the organization she founded to help end preventable maternal deaths around the world.  After surviving her own childbirth complication, Christy directed and produced the documentary, No Woman, No Cry to raise awareness about maternal health challenges…

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CSIS Staff

Janet Fleischman
Janet Fleischman Global Health Policy Center

Janet Fleischman is a senior associate with the Global Health Policy Center at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), where she focuses on women’s global health and U.S. policy. She is also an independent consultant who has worked for many organizations addressing the health and rights of women and girls, gender-based violence, family planning/reproductive health, and HIV/AIDS.

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Katherine Bliss
Katherine BlissGlobal Health Policy Center

Katherine E. Bliss is senior associate with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, where she has led research on the influence of the BRICS on the global health agenda; analyzed U.S. support for maternal and child health programs in lower- and middle-income countries; and testified before the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs on the right to water and sanitation. As a CFR fellow at the U.S. State Department…

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Talia Dubovi
Talia DuboviExternal Relations and Congressional Affairs

Talia Dubovi is deputy director of external relations and director of congressional affairs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She previously served as deputy director and senior fellow with CSIS’s Global Health Policy Center. Prior to joining CSIS, she spent six years on Capitol Hill, most recently as appropriations associate/counsel for Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY), where she covered a wide range of foreign affairs issues…

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Sara Allinder
Sara AllinderGlobal Health Policy Center

Sara Allinder is deputy director and senior fellow of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center. She has extensive experience with the U.S. government in global health, foreign policy, international development, human rights, and program management. For 10 years, she worked on the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in Washington and in Uganda, where she served as country coordinator of the $353 million PEPFAR program (2013–2015)…

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Cathryn Streifel
Cathryn Streifel Global Health Policy Center

Cathryn Streifel is associate director of the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, with a primary focus on family planning and reproductive health; maternal, newborn, and child survival; and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Previously, Ms. Streifel worked as a Business Development Associate at Futures Group International, where she supported…

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Katey Peck
Katey PeckGlobal Health Policy Center

Katey Peck is a program manager and research associate at the CSIS Global Health Policy Center, where she focuses on family planning and reproductive health as well as maternal, newborn, and child survival. Previously, Ms. Peck worked as a research analyst and writer at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy,where she contributed to donor guidance for global investments in child health.

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