The resources you will find here serve as important background documents for the Task Force. They provide an overview of key areas, and have been formative to deepening our understanding of women’s and family health, as well as the cross-cutting areas of innovation, integration, the role of the private sector, and the refugee crisis.

We are grateful to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), the Kaiser Family Foundation, PATH, Protect the People, and Rabin Martin for contributing to this body of work. Our final set of recommendations will incorporate some of the major themes that have emerged from these reports.

Cross-Sectional Studies

Multisectoral Integration
The new administration and Congress face a unique opportunity to help improve the health outcomes for women and families—especially adolescent girls and young women—through smart, multisectoral integration. While there are many challenges to integration, there are clear benefits to moving forward at this time, given evidence that integration not only helps to achieve better health outcomes through a more comprehensive approach, but it helps to create more resilient, sustainable, and stronger health systems. — Download

Private Sector
As we survey the landscape of women’s and family health—especially the health of adolescent girls and young women—and think about sustainable solutions to improve population health outcomes by enabling more people to obtain the care and treatment they need, it is important to take a fresh look at the roles that the private sector is playing or could play in the future. — Download

This paper explores the global health implications of the refugee and migrant crisis, highlighting what U.S. government agencies are doing in four key areas: maternal health, reproductive health, nutrition, and immunizations. It reviews the funding mechanisms available to address the needs of displaced populations and specific initiatives related to global health. — Download

Sectoral Studies


Family Planning


Maternal and Child Health

Global Health Trends